HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – Willard Public Library is once again hosting a conference for genealogy enthusiasts, seasoned researchers and beginners alike to explore the world of family research.

Officials say ‘(Almost) Midnight Madness’ will be held in several departments of Willard Public Library from June 19-23. The Willard Library says before the COVID-19 Pandemic, the conference was named ‘Midnight Madness’ – when Willard Public Library would stay open until 12 a.m., to allow researchers from across the country to learn from presenters and explore family lineages in Willard Public Library’s genealogy collection. The news release says ‘(Almost) Midnight Madness’ is the same conference with slightly shorter hours of operation.

Officals say the conference will feature a lineup of renowned speakers, and attendees can expect sessions on navigating the challenges of Pre-1850 census reports, discovering the top databases for genealogical research and learning how to decipher messy handwriting. A news release says in addition to guest speakers, the conference will also showcase the talents of local experts.

Willard Public Library says registered participants will be eligible for door prizes and grand prizes including DNA kits, books and an iPad. Officials say Willard Public Library has organized rotating daily food trucks from the area. The news release says from when doors open at 8 a.m. until the close at 10 p.m., participants can enjoy meals, snacks and refreshments without the need to leave the premises.

You can see the full schedule below.

(Courtesy: Willard Public Library)