EVANSVILLE, In. (WEHT) – Eyewitness News would like to point out that as of October 26, there is a close-up image in the story of a house neighboring the Equestrian Farm. The image of the house does not change the information or the facts in the story.

In our story on October 24 regarding questions being raised concerning Mayoral Candidate Michael Daugherty’s residency we reported Daugherty has a horse farm with a house at 14201 Petersburg Road.  The video in our story showed the house next to 14201 Old Petersburg Road. We apologize for the confusion.

Eyewitness News has also learned you can’t see Mr. Daugherty’s entire Vanderburgh County property from the driveway. You can follow this Zillow link to see the images showing the inside of the Petersburg Road address.

With a few weeks left until Election Day, the Vanderburgh County Republican Party is raising concerns over the legitimacy of the mayoral campaign of Libertarian candidate Michael Daugherty.

Mike Duckworth says there are reasons to believe Daugherty may live in Vanderburgh County, rather than the city limits of Evansville. Under Indiana law, a mayoral candidate must live within the city limits. Duckworth points to a 2020 Indiana sales disclosure form in which Daugherty filed for a homestead tax credit on his horse farm property in Vanderburgh County, claiming that it would be his permanent residence.

Duckworth also says that until just recently, Daugherty’s horse farm website stated that he was the owner and lived on the premises. Eyewitness News has verified these claims.

Daugherty’s attorney says his client lives in the city and meets the criteria to be mayor. You can view the attorney’s statements below.

This is not the first time residency has come up in an Evansville city election. In the early 2000s, Al Lindsey didn’t try to hide the fact that he owned a house in Vanderburgh County and simply rented an apartment within the city limits so he would be eligible to run for city council. The election board said Lindsey met the requirements and he won the election.

You can view documentation on Daugherty’s residence below.

Duckworth says the GOP’s main concern with this issue is how it may negatively impact election results.