HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) — Three years after a jury first found him guilty, a convicted killer was finally sentenced for a murder he committed in 2019.

Elijah Parchman is expected to spend most of his life behind bars after being handed a 51-year sentence for the crime, according to the Vanderburgh County Prosecutor.

Police say Parchman gunned down 32-year-old Bobby Minor outside the Virginia Food Market after the two got into a “heated argument.” Another person injured in the shooting survived.

Court documents show that a jury found him guilty in 2020, but the verdict was then overturned by the Vanderburgh County Circuit Court. The Court of Appeals disagreed with the trial court’s decision and sent the case back to Vanderburgh County in December of 2022 for sentencing.

“The Defendant’s actions have taken a life and altered permanently the life of the other victim who was shot in the back and also lost his brother on that day; their mother now grieves for her sons and I commend her brave testimony in Court today at sentencing,” says Prosecutor Diana Moers. “The Defendant clearly has not only negatively impacted the lives of the victims’ family, but also his own family and himself.”

Parchman is currently running the two counts concurrently with 46 years for Murder, 20 years for Attempted Murder and an additional 5 years since a firearm was used.