EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — Millions of hungry people flock to Sonic Drive-In every year for slushes, hamburgers and shakes. But how many people can say they saw a hardcore punk show at one?

A couple of weekends ago, people moshed and threw down as hardcore bands melted faces at a Sonic restaurant in Hainesport, New Jersey. Soonafter, one of those bands made plans to take their show to the Tri-State.

Unlike the Sonic Drive-In gig, Exhibition‘s performance in Evansville will not be held in or outside any fast food chains. Damsel Brew Pub in Evansville has billed Exhibition alongside PanicRoom and Combust, another hardcore New York outfit.

Wild photos taken at the Sonic Drive-In that showed fans dancing, lighting off fireworks and having a good time went viral last week. Exhibition’s set in Evansville is set for September 26 at the Damsel Brew Pub. Organizers say the show is an all-ages event. Click here for more information on the gig.

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