EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Reports of gunfire lead to a heavy police presence at Cedar Trace Senior Apartments Thursday Evening.

Dispatch says officers responded to the area after receiving a report of shots fired at the 1500 block of Keller Street. Neighbors on scene say they believe two shots were fired from a car speeding through the area.

“It’s kind of frightening, and I didn’t think they’d want to answer any questions. It seemed very tense. A neighbor came up and said someone has a gun in there and there was potential for shooting, so I stayed back,” says Arlene Lewis, a resident of the area. “We had a drive-by shooting — this month, I think it’s about 3 years ago — and my vehicle was in the parking lot and got windows shot out by that incident. And now this. it’s just really scary.”

An EPD Sergeant tells Eyewitness News that hours after the call, they were given the description of two possible suspects who were speculated to have gone inside the apartment complex. Officers say they searched the apartments, but did not find the suspects inside. An officer on scene says they came across several vacant apartments in the complex that had unlocked doors.

No suspects were found, and several hours later residents were allowed back into their homes.