EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — After hours of deliberating, a jury has found Heidi Carter guilty in an Evansville homicide case.

Wednesday evening, Lead Prosecutor Stan Levco says that Carter was found guilty on “aiding and inducing murder”, “aiding and inducing rape” as well as “criminal confinement” charges.

The case stems back to a deadly incident that happened on Stinson Avenue in August of 2021. Late that night, officers were called to a home on Stinson for a possible kidnapping and murder.

Police say during a standoff, a man walked out of the door in an “aggressive manner”, holding an object in his hand that he pointed at officers. He was shot by police and pronounced dead at the scene.

Once inside the house, officers tell us they found a woman who had been tied up, shackled and had visible injuries. According to police, a dead body was also found inside the home, which had been reportedly restrained, duct-taped, beaten and strangled.

Heidi Carter now awaits her sentencing, which is set for March 9.