EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — Police say several people were hurt after a hit-and-run accident Saturday afternoon in Evansville.

According to one of the victims, they were driving along SR66 when a very large SUV hit their vehicle and kept going. Officers say the victim’s Dodge Caravan had heavy damage to the
left side of the vehicle, including the left rear tire which was on its rim. 

The victim told police her minivan was not driving well afterwards and could not keep control of the vehicle, causing her to swerve into the right lane and hit a second victim.

The second victim says they were driving when they suddenly got hit very hard. According to a media release, the second victim was told by a witness that the first victim had been driving recklessly.

Victims inside both vehicles told police they were heading to the hospital to get checked out after feeling head pain.

Police have not provided any more information on the suspect vehicle. All people involved were given a case number for the hit-and-run.