EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — Those who call the area near Mount Vernon Avenue and Virginia Street home say they find this week’s murder investigation “very surprising” in Evansville’s west side.

While no one we contacted Monday wanted to speak with Eyewitness News on camera, some tell us the situation is “a little bothersome.”

Evansville Police confirm two adult men were found dead inside a home at the 2600 block of Mount Vernon Avenue.

Crime scene unites were called to the scene where authorities say the bodies were beyond help, and it was illustrated from the 911 call on Sunday afternoon.

The 911 caller identified one of the men as his best friend and refered to his skin as blue.

Police beleive this situation occured sometime on Saturday, and an autopsy will determine how they died.

“As we begin to learn he status of that home who lives there, what kind of activity has occurred there, the items that we’ve seen inside the home — that kind of navigates our investigation,” said Taylor Merriss, who serves as Evansville Police’s special projects coordinator. “Then people come forward, thankfully.”

Eyewitness News spoke with homeowners on Virginia Street who say their neighborhood is normally a friendly one, but some say they have been more alert because of the situation that happened nearby.

One father says he’s concerned for his family and his young boy.

“We believe this is probably an isolated event,” Merriss said. “As somebody that is living that neighborhood, I understand the fear and frustration and they wouldn’t expect it. Nobody expects for that to happen next door to them. That’s why we always kind of preach like watch out for your neighbors — see what’s happening on your block, so that you’re well informed.”

EPD would like for anyone with information to contact its Adult Investigative Unit.