EVANSVILLE, Ind (WEHT) – Day one of the jury trial of Johntavis Matlock has come to a close with witnesses still needing to be called.

Matlock is charged with distribution of a controlled substance causing the death of Lindsey Wiley of Reid, Kentucky in February 2021. Matlock was arrested May 21, 2021.

Eyewitness News previously reported investigators discovered Wiley had made several transactions and had conversations about buying illegal drugs with Matlock.

Jennifer Ballard is Wiley’s mother, and she testified she was the one that found Wiley dead in her bedroom. She said Wiley had a history of drug abuse including weed, heroin and other opioids with one instance of overdose in December 2020. She also said after Wiley died, she was able to gain access to Wiley’s phone which showed conversations Wiley had with Matlock prior to and after her December overdose.

The defense attempted to cross examine by questioning Ballard not checking Wiley’s social media for other conversations, but Ballard said it wasn’t her business.

Wiley’s younger brother testified when he saw her come home that February evening, he could tell she was using because he claims she was overly friendly to the family’s dogs, which in his words never happens when she is clean.

He also said the last time he saw her was the early morning of February 28, 2021, when he observed her stumbling back to the bedroom.

Former AMR Owensboro paramedic Chris Renfrow stated when he arrived at the residence that December evening, Wiley was already unconscious and trying to be revived. He administered Narcan, and Wiley came to almost immediately. The prosecution and Renfrow explained to the jury what safety officials look for in an overdose such as blue lips, slow to no breathing, unconsciousness, etc. It was also said Wiley struggled with diabetes and talked about the difference between an overdose and diabetic shock. Renfrow explained Narcan would have no effect on diabetic shock.

Dr. Jay Futz is an emergency room physician at Deaconess Medical Center in Henderson, and he said Wiley was alert at the emergency room and was only there for a few hours before being released.

The next set of witnesses is slated to be called tomorrow. The trial is set to resume at 9 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Government prosecutors state it could take a few days to determine a verdict.

Todd Shellenbarger and Kristian Mukoski are representing the prosecution and Jake Warrum is representing the defense. District Judge Matthew P. Brookman is overseeing the case.

If convicted, Matlock faces a mandatory minimum of 20 years and up to a maximum of life in prison.