HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) — An Evansville bar stabbing suspect is expected to spend a few decades in prison after pleading guilty to voluntarily manslaughter.

Zachary Clay Parksey was arrested last October after police say he stabbed 30-year-old Colin McHargue in the neck after the two got into an argument inside the Mo’s House men’s restroom.

McHargue died from his injuries after being taken to a local hospital for treatment. Parksey was allegedly found by officers walking away from the scene covered in blood.

According to court records, Parksey’s murder charge was dismissed by the judge during sentencing. Parksey took a plea deal and pleaded guilty to Voluntary Manslaughter Intentional killing commit (def. acted under “sudden heat”).

A judge sentenced Parksey to 20 years in prison Thursday morning and ordered that he is a violent offender and is required to register as such.