HENDERSON Ky (WEHT) – Eyewitness News has new developments to a rollover crash that occurred in Evansville on June 3.

According to Sgt. Anna Gray, the driver of a red Chevrolet Equinox was traveling south on Fulton Avenue approaching the intersection of John Street when it collided with the driver of a black Dodge Ram, sending it into a tan Chevrolet Equinox.

The red Equinox driver told authorities she was in the southbound lane of Fulton Avenue but could not give more details.

The driver of the Ram told authorities he was traveling west toward the intersection when his light began to turn yellow. He said he began to enter the intersection but couldn’t stop to avoid hitting the driver of the red Equinox.

Officials say this caused the Equinox to flip onto the tan colored Equinox. The driver of the tan Equinox told authorities he was in the northbound turn lane of Fulton Avenue. He claimed remembering his light being red when the red Equinox entered the intersection, and the driver of the Ram came speeding through the intersection, hitting the red Equinox.

Officials state officers observed the intersection light changes and saw when the tan Equinox’s light turns red, so did the red Equinox’s light.

All three vehicles were towed due to disabling damage. The passenger of the Ram was transported to the hospital for complaint of head pain.