EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — Weeks and weeks of polls and competition ended with one Fall Festival classic crowned king — the Pronto Pup. The West Side Nut Club held their online “Munchie Madness” bracket, in which various Fall Festival foods were seeded and pitted against one another in a March Madness-style bracket.

The number one seeded Pronto Pup won the tournament with an unsurprising victory over Chicken and Dumplings, who were seeded 20th in the competition. Chicken and Dumplings made some small upsets to get to the finals, taking down higher seeded Stromboli and Corn Dog. Pronto Pup won the Championship with 62% of the public’s vote, holding off Chicken and Dumplings on their historic Cinderella story.

During Munchie Madness, you can expect some huge upsets. One of the most notable upsets came from Round 2, in which Brain Sandwich (3) was blown out of the water by Deep Fried Pickle Slices (67) with 63% of the vote. Deep Fried Pickles would also go on to take down 30th seeded Brat Burger in a nail-clenching battle that saw a vote ratio finishing at 52 – 48.

As Munchie Madness champs, Pronto Pups took down Curly Fries, Corn Fritters, Nutty Bar, Donut Bank Burger, Giant Tenderloin along with Chicken and Dumplings. The food that gave Pronto Pup the biggest challenge was Giant Tenderloin (5), finishing their bout off with a loss of 44 – 56.

If interested in seeing the full bracket including all the twists and turns it took along the way, click here. You can find Eyewitness News at 11th and Franklin this year’s Fall Fest with Munchie Maps.

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