EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — The Evansville Police Department says the lack of evidence has prevented them from arresting or charging an attempted kidnapping suspect.

The night of September 8, officers were dispatched to the 1500 block of W. Louisiana Street for an attempted kidnapping. According to a police document, a ‘newer red 4-door passenger car’ driven by a man was following a woman outside walking.

Police say the man hopped out of his car and chased the woman. The victim told police she saw someone outside and asked them to call 9-1-1. While being chased, the victim says she noticed the man grab at his waistband, and felt that he may have had a handgun.

According to an EPD report, police were unable to find the man and he ended up getting away. Detectives say they canvassed the area and used surveillance video to identify the car involved and also a name for the registered owner.

Police believe they found the suspect over the weekend, and took him to EPD headquarters to be questioned. The man reportedly asked for an attorney and was released. Detectives say they are confident the man is the offender and there was an attempted kidnapping, however, they did not have enough evidence to file charges at the time of questioning.

Police say the investigation is ongoing and are still trying to gather more evidence so they can make an arrest. EPD released a photo of the suspect’s vehicle, a Dodge Dart sedan.

Four days later on Monday, police say they were dispatched to Boeke and Adams avenues for another attempted kidnapping report. The Evansville Police Department believes there was no information that confirmed an attempted kidnapping did happen.

“With both of these instances occurring in the past week, we are thankful that no one has been physically injured as a result of either of these runs,” says the police department in a news release. “We are also grateful for the witnesses and reporters that played an integral part in both runs. We take runs like these very seriously and utilize all resources available to us to handle the runs appropriately and quickly. One report of this, is one report too many.”

The police department also says they’d like the public to keep in mind if you see something suspicious – say something.

“If you are outdoors, attempt to walk and park your vehicle in well-lit areas. Let those closest to you know where you intend to go and when you arrive,” says the EPD spokesperson.

If you feel unsafe, police urge to you to dial 9-1-1 or keep someone on the phone with you until you arrive at a safe location.