HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – The Evansville North High School Green Brigade Marching Band has plenty to celebrate as they won the 2023 Bands of America Regional on Saturday.

School officials state the band bested 11 other schools from Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky South Carolina and Tennessee in the finals to earn Outstanding Visual Performance, Outstanding General Effect and overall Regional Champions with their show “Nimbus Caeruleus”.

Band Director Noah Farmer states this show began production back in April, and around 300 hours gets put in to prepare. With all the hours, getting every person on the 131-member band on board was no easy feat.

“This show has considerable technical, physical and expressive challenges. Getting all the performers to commit and buy in throughout the entirety of the production is the biggest challenge,” he said.

Despite this achievement, Farmer commented the season is not over.

“One of our mottos is “Great job! Let’s get better”. We are back into rehearsal mode to get ready for the next show. We’ll celebrate the entire season once it’s over.”

Farmer also said since the Bands of America is a national competition, the recognition and ramifications is something he has yet to fully comprehend.

“Bands of America is a national competition circuit that is a common denominator among competitive groups from around the country,” he said. “This win puts our school and band’s name onto a national stage. The ramifications of this win for our program are immense and hard to fully grasp.”

School officials also state in the Class AA Prelims, the Brigade earned Outstanding Visual Performance, second place in Class AA and ranked fourth going into the finals.

Officials state the band is now the 14th in Indiana, first in EVSC and first in ISSMA Class B marching band to win a Bands of America Regional since 1976.