EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — The defense and prosecution have rested in a case involving Heidi Carter, an Evansville woman accused of rape and other charges stemming from a disturbing investigation on Stinson Avenue last year.

Carter was arrested after police say they found a woman who had been shackled and raped inside a westside home. That victim was the first witness to take the stand on Monday.

As officers continued their search, Timothy Ivy was also found dead inside the home, police say. After law enforcement officers surrounded the house, Carter’s boyfriend Carey Hammond was gunned down by police as he came out of the home. Officers say they believed Hammond was holding a gun.

Last week, court records show the murder charge against Carter was dropped. Meanwhile, she still faces several other charges.

On Tuesday, the defense rested without calling any witnesses. Closing arguments are set for 8 o’clock Wednesday morning, and then the case will go to a jury.

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