HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – The Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office made random checks on Monday during an offender blitz prior to Halloween.

The sheriff’s office states while routine registrant checks and verifications are done throughout the year, this was part of a large-scale verification effort involving numerous deputies and detectives.

Officials also state registered sex offenders who are on parole are required to place a sign on their door indicating no candy will be given out, have their exterior lights off and display no Halloween decorations.

Some stats from the Sex/Violent Offender Verification Blitz are as follows:

  • Total of sex and violent offender verifications – 172
  • Completed verifications – 142
  • Not home/unverified/no answer – 19
  • Possible failure to register (upon follow-up investigation, case files will be sent to VCPO for felony charges) – 11
  • ID violations for incorrect addresses – 3