EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — Other road closures in downtown Evansville begin Monday, and some people wo live and work in the area tell Eyewitness News that it has affected how they travel to their homes and to work.

N.E. 2nd Street Street at Vine Street is closed for about 20 days, and Sycamore Street is closed from N.E. 5th Street to N.E. 6th Street for about 60 days.

Crews are installing new water lines and storm sewers.

The work is a headache for people who live and work downtown, but some tell us the work is worthwhile.

“It’s very difficult to get into the downtown now — you never know which street they’re going to be working on,” said Julie Welch, who is the executive director for Keep Evansville Beautiful located downtown. “They’re putting in a new park down here. It’s a challenge to definitely work and try to get lunch in the downtown right now. So, that’s progress, though. Right?”

While getting in and out of the city may be more difficult for the time being, these changes are part of a larger green infrastructure project and the “Trinity Storm Water Park” for water distribution.

“Anytime that you improve a city, it’s going to be good for the entire population,” Welch said. “So, in the downtown area, they have repaved some roads and they’re doing upgrades. It’s inconvenient right now, but, in the long run, it’ll be really good for the downtown. It’ll be good for the restaurants, for the businesses and the people that live in come to the downtown.”

Visit this Evansville Water and Sewer Utility page to know how to avoid the closures.