HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – Mesker Park Zoo and Botanic Garden invites people this weekend to come wish Fong, the Malayan Sun Bear, a farewell as he will be off exhibit starting next week in preparation to head to another Zoo.

Officials say Fong is 28 years old and has been at the zoo since 2014. Officials say Fong is a staff and visitor favorite and will be missed. This opportunity came available to transfer him to another home based on his needs as an aging animal and the zoo’s need to provide tigers more space.

Zoo officials say they have been working towards upgrading and expanding the tiger habitat for several years and people may have already noticed the bridge connection between the two habitats. To prepare for a Sumatran tiger that the zoo will receive in the spring, zoo officials will be completing the underground nighthouse renovation.

A spokesperson for the zoo says over the next few months, people will begin to see new signage installed and exhibit sprucing as we prepare to receive the new tiger. Officials say this improvement will over double the space available to our tiger and allow new and novel ways to use the habitat.