EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — Thousands met on Sunday afternoon for the ninth “Fiesta Evansville” as a celebration for diversity of all Latin American countries and its communities.

Organizers say the fiesta has become the largest and most important event which celebrates Latino culture in the tri-state.

Some came as far as Indianapolis to honor the 20 countries represented, and attendees were able to enjoy the nationalities’ foods and music throughout the afternoon.

“All these people in the back — just seeing them happy, seeing them proud of celebrating their culture, bringing this opportunity to make sure they show who they are and celebrate where they’re coming from — It’s a great thing about Fiesta Evansville, and I’m honored to be part of this,” Fiesta Evansville President Abraham Brown said.

30 food vendors served tacos, pupusas, tamales and gorditas — among other dishes — in the afternoon.

Some of the attendees tell Eyewitness News they looked forward to tasting the tacos and tamales, but ultimately they came to Wesselman Woods to honor and remember their families’ hertiages.

“I’m happy everyone’s here to come here, have fun and do a lot of things,” said Kionni Holman, who has Mexican roots.

Evansville Christian student Marielle Guevara was crowned as the fiesta’s first “Miss Latina Evansville” to help represent all of Evansville’s Latina community as someone with Venezuelan heritage.

She also wants everyone to know that all the other contestants on stage deserve the “Miss Latina Evansville” title as well.

“It’s a true honor to be the first Miss Latina Evansville,” Guevara said. “It is a great way to connect and be a part of this, and it’s great to show my nationality towards others.”