EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – It is now the third day into the investigation of the Garvin Street warehouse fire.

Officials say so far, Evansville firefighters who were first to arrive to the Saturday warehouse fire have been interviewed and they shared where they went first and what they saw. Officials hope this information will help to point investigators in the right direction.

A spokesperson for the Evansville Fire Department (EFD) says on January 5, an excavator began moving some of the collapsed structure to help expose hotspots. Officials say this will allow firefighters to finally get water directly onto the burning materials below.

A news release says smoke may still be visible occasionally as some flareups may continue until officials are able thoroughly mitigate the smoldering areas that still remain hidden. Officials say the Evansville Police Department has remained on scene since the fire started Saturday to provide around the clock security.

Officials say more information will be released as they get it.