EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Construction is underway in downtown Evansville on the Toyota Trinity Stormwater Park. The project will impact traffic on a few streets.

  • The intersection of 2nd Street and Vine Street
    • Starting November 30, the intersection will be temporarily closed to all traffic.
    • This temporary intersection closure will continue for about 14 days, weather permitting. The intersection is expected to receive temporary restoration and a subsequent closure will be necessary to complete another portion of the work.
  • Court Street
    • Anticipated to close on December 5 from North West 3rd Street to Market Street.
    • This closure is expected to last until early March of next year.
  • Vine Street
    • Currently closed to thru traffic from North West 3rd Street to North West 2nd Street, with the contractor coordinating local access to the Post House entrance along Vine.
    • This road closure is expected to continue until March 2023, weather permitting. Officials expect the roadway to re-open with a temporary stone surface in January, however, final pavement restoration is not expected until late March of 2023.

Officials expect these block to block closures to be dynamic and their team will be working with the contractor and surrounding customers to make the transitions as smooth as possible.

A news release says the project involves the installation of a one-million-gallon storage facility below ground at the site of the former Holy Trinity Church at North West 3rd and Court streets. The project is designed to divert stormwater runoff from the downtown area away from combination sewers to the basin, where it will filter through gravel and sand and slowly drain into the ground, significantly reducing combination sewer overflows (CSOs) to the Ohio River.

Officials say Evansville Water and Sewer Utility will be replacing about 4,700 LF of the potable water lines in the project corridor along with the storm sewer installation to avoid future disruption to the city streets in this area. Officials say the work is scheduled for completion in late November 2023 but is dependent on material delays.