HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – Three people were taken into custody Saturday evening after Evansville Police say they found pipes and drugs.

EPD states at approximately 5:15 p.m., officers observed a vehicle make an improper turn onto Fulton Avenue and made a traffic stop at Fountain and Fourth avenues. Police say inside the vehicle were three people: the driver, Bruce West, 58, and passengers Carrie Sisk, 43, and Dahlton Clark, 23.

Officers say they were denied consent to search West’s vehicle and backup arrived shortly after.

Clark was asked if there was anything illegal in the vehicle that he knew about, and officers said Clark admitted he had a marijuana pipe in the backseat. Officers asked Sisk the same question, and they say she might have marijuana in her backpack. Officials also say Sisk gave officers consent to search the bag. When West was asked the same question, officers claimed he said no.

Officers stated a yellow and blue smoking pipe with burnt residue was found in the backseat where Clark was sitting. A free air sniff was conducted, and a K9 alerted to illegal narcotics inside the vehicle.

Police state a search of Sisk’s bag yielded a green leafy substance in the main compartment, which tested positive for THC with a weight of two grams. Police also state a white crystal-like substance was also found in the bag that tested positive for methamphetamine with a field weight of 1.5 grams. A digital scale was also found with residue and a black box that had trace amounts of another white crystal-like substance that also tested positive for methamphetamine.

Near the driver’s seat, officers state a clear smoking pipe with burnt residue was found. Officers also state a pill bottle was found near a pile of clothes in the backseat. Officials say inside the pill bottle were two baggies containing a white crystal-like substance and several pills. Officials state one of the baggies had two individually wrapped baggies both containing the same substance inside of it.

Police state there were three different types of pills in the bottle. One was 20 white circular pills identified as Oxycodone with a field weight of 7.25 grams. Another was two white circular pills, again identified as Oxycodone with a field weight of .33 grams plus five and a half white oval pills identified as Hydrocodone with a field weight of 2.33 grams.

Police say all three consented to a DNA swab. Police also say Clark again admitted to having the yellow and blue marijuana pipe, West admitting to owning the clear glass smoking pipe, and Sisk admitting to owning the green leafy substance in her bag. Officials say Sisk didn’t know there was methamphetamine in her bag. Officials state all three denied owning anything else in the vehicle.

All three were transported to the Vanderburgh County Jail. During transport, police say Sisk stated the pill bottle that contained the pills were hers, and she had a prescription for them. However, denying owning the crystal-like substance, police say she stated Clark must have put the substance inside the pill bottle at some point.

That wasn’t the end, however, as at the jail, officers state a baggy containing a white crystal-like substance was found in Clark’s left pocket, which tested positive for more methamphetamine with a field weight of 1.9 grams.

While being booked, authorities say Clark stated Sisk threw the pill bottle back to him as West was pulling over for the traffic stop and told him to “do something” with the pill bottle.

Police say the combined field weight for the methamphetamine had a combined field weight of 9.23 grams.

West is being charged with Dealing a Narcotic Drug (Oxycodone and Hydrocodone), Dealing Methamphetamine and Possess Paraphernalia. Sisk and Clark are charged with Dealing a Narcotic Drug (Oxycodone and Hydrocodone), Dealing Methamphetamine, Possess Methamphetamine and Possess Marijuana.