EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – With the holidays right around the corner, anyone going through the Evansville Airport should be prepared for the security screenings. That is according to TSA Indiana as they held their “Do This – Not That” demonstration Tuesday morning.

The TSA wants all travelers coming through Evansville Regional Airport to be prepared for the security screening experience. They say the process begins at home, not the airport. Passengers should start with an empty bag and ensure they are not packing any prohibited items.

Kiel Young, the Evansville Regional Airport security manager, says, “The most outrageous thing I’ve seen is like hand grenades that were actually inert.”

Young has seen a lot of interesting items come into the airport. From knives to hammers to handguns, these were the many items displayed Tuesday by TSA Indiana – all of them confiscated.

The “Do This, Not That” presentation at Evansville’s Regional Airport showed the proper way these items can be brought on board.

Young says, “All of these items can go on checked luggage and same thing with a firearm. as long as you declare an item ahead of time with the airline you package it in a hard lined case and it’s unloaded, you can take a fire arm into the belly of a plane.”

Last year Evansville saw a record of 10 improperly packed firearms brought into the airport, and this year so far they have seen two. How early you get to the airport will also affect how easily you get through the screening process.

Aaron Batt, the Federal Security Director for TSA Indiana, says, “We recommend at least an hour however if you’re going to check luggage give yourself a little more time because there is a baggage check cut off time for most air lines which is usually around 45 minutes.”

Batt also says the upcoming holidays mean more people and a longer time getting through the screening process.

Batt says, “We are here today to do education, remind people that the ease of moving through security is somewhat a responsibility upon them.”

TSA Pre-Check is also an option in Evansville, as you will notice separate lines for those enrolled in the program. On October 23 to the 27 an enrollment center will open at the airport to enroll people in the program to help lessen wait times.

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