EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Throughout the month of September, Eyewitness News has worked to highlight volunteers at the Tri-State Food Bank helping with the fight against hunger during Hunger Action Month. Our month-long series concludes by meeting a group of volunteers from Old National Bank continuing the battle for the hungry.

“There’s nothing better in terms of actually driving impact and being a community partner than giving back, such as the Tri-State Food Bank,” says Old National Bank spokesperson Kathy Schoettlin.

Schoettlin assisted two separate groups from Old National, serving through an initiative of their own, known as “Better Together”.

“We get so much more out of it than we give,” says Schoettlin. “It’s the pride in helping community members, it’s the teamwork.”

Between the 33 county area for the Tri-State Food Bank and the multi-state region for Old National Bank, volunteers say this opportunity was a perfect match.

“We’re truly better together when we work as a team and help those organizations serve our community members,” says Schoettlin.

Volunteer Christina Hitchcock adds, “It makes you feel better yourself, that you’re helping, by even just tying bags like I’m doing and packing. It makes a difference and it feels so good for you.”

Hitchcock says the experience was prideful, but it also allowed the Old National co-workers to engage in a friendly competition on how many student meal bags could be packed during their volunteer shifts. While Hunger Action Month concludes, preliminary results show the campaign was not only successful, it was also record-breaking.

“The numbers show that this month, we have had more volunteers, more people volunteering and logging more volunteer hours this month than any other month in the history of Tri-State Food Bank, our 40 year history,” explains Tri-State Food Bank Executive Director Glenn Roberts.