VANDERBURGH CO., Ind. (WEHT) – The 48th annual Frog Follies in Vanderburgh County is now underway.

Thousands are braving the heat by checking out cars and connecting with the community. It’s not your typical morning at the Vanderburgh 4-H Fairgrounds.

As the sun peeked through the trees, thousands of pre-1949 cars lined up to claim their favorite spot for the annual event.

But the start of the Frog Follies wouldn’t be complete without three guys greeting folks on their way inside, asking drivers to put their horn to the test.

“We formed our society called the FROGS,” said unofficial greeter Al Seidel.  “And that stands for Follies..Really Unofficial Greeting Society.”

Meet Al Seidel from Indianapolis and his two buddies.

For the past 15 years, they have stood at the entrance to frog follies welcoming thousands of drivers.

Seidel noticed several car owners seemed grumpy when they first arrived, so he worked to turn that frown upside down.

” I decided to go ahead and get people to honk their horn and give them a smile,” said Seidel.  “We made a few homemade signs and things of that nature. We actually stepped up our game a little bit this year. Had a professional sign company make this for me.”

Complete with frog hats, and shirts, and of course signs, Seidel and his friends braved the early morning heat to put folks in good spirits.

“I”m looking forward to obviously the cars,” said Seidel. “Talking to people about their cars. Hearing their story. And why they did what they did with their car.”

Seidel always brings his car decked out with frog decorations, but this year’s Follies holds special meaning.

“Six weeks ago I had open heart surgery,” said Seidel.  “I had the three way. And it wasn’t the one I was dreaming about.  But none the less I had that. Everything was very successful. My kids aren’t really happy about that. I have to check in with them about every 15 minutes. Oh I’m about two minutes late to check in.”

As Seidel checks in with this family, Randall Hayes and his wife offer a friendly wave and good morning.

Hayes hails from Coopertown, Tennessee. Like Seidel, his journey to Frog Follies started 15 years ago.

“You forget about your troubles,” said car exhibitor Randall Hayes.  “You can come up here and put what’s going on at home behind you until you get back to the house. “You can, everybody here, I haven’t heard a cross word spoken ever here.”

After the hellos have been exchanged, Hayes will show off his car and turn his attention to car parts.

“A 48..47 Dodge Pick up fenders,” said Hayes. “That’s what I’m looking for. Very doubtful because they’re very hard to come across.”

Even if Hayes comes up empty handed, he says the weekend will have been worth it.

“I would go experience,” said Hayes. “The swap meet and then the cars. Because we can see cars anywhere. It’s just the experience.”

Frog Follies runs through Sunday afternoon at the Vanderburgh 4-H Fairgrounds.

  • Admission at the gate is seven dollars per person.
  • Golf cart shuttles will be available for visitors.
  • On the agenda Friday night, Forgy’s games and Boogie Bash.
  • Saturday night, The Duke Boys band will perform.