INDIANA (WEHT) – More Hoosiers could have a handgun on their person as of July 1.

According to the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office (VCSO), on July 1 anyone over 18 may carry a handgun in public without a handgun permit. Previously a permit was required, regardless of whether the handgun was carried concealed or unconcealed.

Law enforcement officials say that previously, Indiana’s “Proper Person” law (IC 35-47-1-7) prevented individuals with the following types of criminal history from obtaining a handgun permit:

  • A person who had been recently convicted of Resisting Law Enforcement.
  • A person whose criminal history showed they were a chronic alcohol abuser.
  • A person whose criminal history showed they had a propensity for violent or emotional unstable conduct.
  • A person who had a previous misdemeanor conviction involving an inability to safely handle a handgun.

VCSO says under the new permitless carry law, people who meet the above criteria may now legally carry a handgun in Indiana without a handgun permit. Law enforcement officials say people who have been convicted of any felony, of domestic battery, subject to a protective order or court order that prohibits the possession of a weapon, or designated as “dangerous” by a court, are still prohibited from possessing a handgun and are not eligible for a handgun permit.

VCSO says that since 2019, Indiana residents have been able to visit Kentucky while armed without a gun permit. Indiana residents, however, are not eligible to obtain a Non-Resident handgun permit under Illinois law.

For more information or to learn how to apply for a handgun permit in Vanderburgh County, please visit this website or call 812-421-6222.