Vermont’s GMO Law Could Have Nationwide Impact


Local grocery store shelves could be impacted by a new Vermont law.

The Green Mountain State is the first state in the nation to require food manufacturers to disclose whether or not their products contain genetically modified organisms.

GMO’s are when DNA from an organism is inserted into another plant such as corn.

This makes the crop more resistant to certain pesticides and herbicides.

Several manufacturers say they’ll be disclosing on their packaging everywhere to keep the cost down.

The FDA is not requiring the change – leaving it up to the manufacturers.

Deaconess Dietician Alyssa Carr says, “It doesn’t affect nutritional value, proteins, carbohydrates, fats. Those aren’t affected by genetically modifying the plants and that’s why the FDA hasn’t had to have labeling legislation passed to this point because it doesn’t significantly impact nutritional value.”

Several restaurant chains like Chipotle say its ingredients are GMO free.

However, some researchers say that’s not necessary because there aren’t any health concerns tied to the process.

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