EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – The Vanderburgh Humane Society, already at capacity, says they were pushed over the edge following the dumping of 23 cats at their facility. Now, officials and volunteers are left scrambling to navigate the full shelter as they search for loving homes for these animals.

The dumping of these cats and kittens is not only a strain on resources, but Laurie Byers with VHS reminds residents that it is illegal.

“A lot of folks are like, well they did the right thing, they dropped them off at the shelter,” says Byers. “But the right thing is working with us. We want to help people, but you have to work with us.”

With now hundreds of animals inside the VHS facility, Byers says her staff is stretched thin with space and resources in caring for these animals. This incident has also been described as “unfair” to individuals who followed the proper protocol for surrendering pets.

“You know, that’s 23 people that have to get bumped back because someone cut in line, so it’s very unfortunate for everyone,” explains Byers.

The humane society has been forced to be creative when it comes to finding space for the excess number of animals. Byers explains that rooms previously not used for animals are now full of the felines.

“We’re keeping them everywhere, because there’s simply no room.”

The Vanderburgh Humane Society hopes that an increased number of foster families plus incentives, such as $25 cat adoptions through the month of July, will help alleviate the overcrowding issue at the shelter. Byers is also encouraging residents to spay and neuter their pets to help reduce the number of unwanted animals.

“Even just those small little things that people can do in the community to make a gigantic impact on the future of homeless pets,” says Byers.