VICTORIA WOODS, Ind. (WEHT) – One of Indiana’s newest towns is taking shape in Warrick County as construction continues to move forward. Victoria Woods went from a residential area to its own town earlier this year and now construction is underway on its town hall.

“You’re now starting to see the vision go vertical,” says Project Manager Jordan Aigner with Jerry Aigner Construction. “So people are really starting to buy in.”

It’s a vision that led Aigner to lead the charge on Victoria Woods becoming an incorporated town. With residents slowly moving in, Aigner says the benefits of this new environment are taking shape.

“They just love the setting with lakes, and trees and nature, but also more a planned community, right? We’re not waiting until there’s 100 people here before we build something. So we’re investing early on and people see that,” explains Aigner.

He calls the community a blend of nature and community with houses constructed near lakes, surrounded by trails and wooded areas. In the midst of residential construction, the foundation is set for the future town hall and community center. Aigner says the idea was re-designed after Victoria Woods became a town.

“We’re kind of blending a community center and amenity area, right, with a little civic nature to it,” explains Aigner. “So it’s going to have kind of an event space where the people can come in. We’d like to see that we’re going to have a restaurant or two in there, maybe leasing the space and having dinner for the people that live here. There’ll be a bar where people can just casually watch the game.”

The new community center will also feature a pool, separate from areas where town officials will conduct business and hold public meetings. Aigner says the continued progress makes Victoria Woods a destination in its own backyard.

“You’re going to have this amenity center, the town, functioning, you’re going to see people on these trails daily, we’re going to get some docks, people out on the water in canoes, and they’re living here,” says Aigner. “You’re living among it, you don’t have to travel. I mean, you come home and you stay at home, you play at home.”

Plans call for the community center to be completed by the Spring of 2024.