PRINCETON, Ind (WEHT) – Officials responded to reports of a house explosion in the 400 block of Hart Street on Tuesday.

According to crews at the scene, four people were inside the home at the time of the explosion, and all four were able to exit the home on their own. Two of the people inside were taken to a hospital with injuries. Officials say the house was split into multiple apartments.

“This is heartbreaking, man,” says Donnie Hyatt. “I literally just came from, just started work and I get told by a friend of mine that this happened.”

Hyatt’s grandparents, aunt and uncle all lived in the complex, but were unharmed in the explosion. He says several family keepsakes were destroyed in the blast, but is thankful his family is okay.

One resident of the home said he woke up smelling gas on Tuesday morning, notified maintenance and then left the home.

“I had just woke up to the smell of it, and something told me that I needed to leave,” says Diaghman Gibson. “So I got up, got dressed and left.”

Gibson lives with Tesia Crumbaugh, who tells us the two just recently moved into their apartment.

“All I know is that we’ve been here for not even a week yet,” explains Crumbaugh. “We had some issues with getting gas turned on. Then we got it turned on and we had to turn it off because there was something that got red flagged and next thing I know, I’m at work one day and I get a call that my house blew up.”

The exact cause of the explosion is still under investigation, but Princeton Territory Fire Chief Nick Medler said something gas-related is a possibility.

The American Red Cross is assisting the displaced families tonight.