HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) — So many questions have surrounded the camper that was left stranded on a sandbar in the Ohio River. Who put it there? Why did they leave it? Will someone come and get it?

Although some of these questions haven’t been answered, we do know that the camper is no longer on the sandbar. With water rising, the camper was swept up into the Ohio River around 6:10 Saturday morning.

Our Eyewitness News tower camera caught the camper’s final moments before it floated off into the sunrise. Many people online have pointed out that the camper is still partially submerged as it inches down the Ohio River. Eyewitness News spoke with Henderson Central Dispatch and they tell us Henderson Water Rescue is working with Uniontown agencies to retrieve the camper from the river.

The US Army Corps of Engineers has previously stated the person responsible for leaving the camper could face penalties ranging from possible fines to even jail time.

A representative with the Corps of Engineers says they were hopeful the individual would have retrieved the camper prior to this, and they will monitor the situation along with the US Coast Guard to see what penalties may be needed.