Voice of the Voter: Headquarters Barbershop


OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) – 2020 has been a year that has taken a toll on a lot of people.

One day away from the election in our country, social media may give the impression we’re more divided than ever. But in places where communication comes in a more traditional form, a difference of a opinion doesn’t mean division.

Headquarters Barbershop in Owensboro is an example of a place where all people and all conversations are welcome. You can watch the story above and read a full transcript of the conversation below.

“It’s been a barber shop since the early 60s. We want everybody to feel comfortable to come and get a haircut in here and get cleaned up and be the best version of themselves. Maybe it is in place country in a bad mood cuz you’re not gonna stay in a very long. It’s always there’s always something going on in here. It’s always something to laugh joke about.”

“It’s not a black barbershop. It’s not a white barbershop, we cut everybody’s hair. Of course, the sports aspect of it is what really gets conversation going. But there’s all kinds of conversations that we have in the barber shop.”

“You don’t know where our president is on social media, but at the same time, and he stirs up a lot of stuff. He says a lot of controversial things.”

“I think the president has done an outstanding job, and our country is moving in the right direction.”

“The country is really divided. And I think Trump has a lot to do with that. And I think he fosters those opinions. And so that’s one of the things that I think we could improve upon.”

“I’m glad we’re a big little town. And I’m glad that people care, or seem to care. And I think that this this room here, will show that everybody has their opinions, but we’re all on the same team. And we all get along together, before the election after the election.”

“COVID is set things back both economically and socially.”

“I’m now seeing more veterans in need than ever before, and they have more need for housing, food. I think the government can do a lot more.”

“Kids today, they’re going to show a renewed strength when they’re adults that a lot of the adults we have now don’t. We live in a soft world. Kids are fighting mentally to stay focused in schools, to only go to school with half of their classmates. I just think our kids are gonna be a whole lot tougher, a whole lot smarter.”

“With my kids, we’re having to go back to like how things used to be when I was younger, it was you were gonna go outside, we were gonna play. We’re not going to go out to eat all the time. We’re gonna sit down, we’re gonna have those family meals.”

“I don’t know whether he can get out of the basement.”

“No matter how I look like, you know, I respect you as a human being. You respect me as a human being. And I think it will help us move forward together as a community.”

“This man is from Nigeria, and he’s becoming a great citizen of the United States.”

“I’m from Nigeria, West Africa. I’m working on it (citizenship). I have permanent residency. I will take my test next year. You know with this whole pandemic it delayed everything.”

“You knew he wasn’t from Evansville?”

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