Volunteers pick up litter during the Great Evansville Cleanup


EVANSVILLE, Ind (WEHT)– Over 100 community members have been doing their part, keeping Evansville litter free. Several people picked up trash around the city while taking part in the Great Evansville Cleanup.

“People that litter. Just don’t do it,” said Austin Clausheide. Volunteers like Austin Clausheide and Nathan Cobine spent their morning collecting bags of trash tossed to the side of the road.

“It’s important to me I think just having some pride in our community. Having a clean space we can live in everyday,” explained Nathan Cobine.

“We’re at Barry Plastics today and they have about 25 employees that they sent out around their campus and around the city. Everybody has been cooped up for a year. It’s a great day to get our and pick up litter and get people back in that mindset again,” said Julie Welch, the executive director of Keep Evansville Beautiful.

Businesses and churches also sent some volunteers to help out. Keep Evansville Beautiful’s mascot, Vandy Lee, was there to lend a helping paw.

“She’s an overachiever. She likes to pick up lots of litter at one time in her mouth,” Susan Harp, Vandy Lee’s owner, said picking up litter has been a talent her dog had from the start. “When we brought her home from Virginia. When we picked her up, she started picking up litter right then so. It’s just a natural thing for Labradors, but she has learned the word ‘litter’.”

Now she leads by example while teaching kids how harful littering can be.

“Vandy’s name. Vandy Lee– Love Earth Everyday. Don’t trash our earth. We only have one earth. There’s no option b,” said Harp.

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