Walnut street residents sound off on parking issues caused by road project


EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – “The people that live there don’t have driveways in front of the house. So what are we supposed to do? Where are we supposed to park?” said Walnut Street resident Stanley Wolcott.

“How can you take parking from people who don’t have parking, or whose vehicles are being burglarized, or people who are scared to go out back because it is pitch black out there at nighttime, there is light out here,” said Caleb Busse who also lives on Walnut Street.

Residents said they’ve always parked in front of their homes, but now their only option is to park behind their homes in an alleyway with poor conditions like potholes, crime as well as poor lighting.

Residents like Wolcott say that while the road diet project may look nice to some, it’s become a headache for others.

“It’s very nice. But it’s it’s a lot of inconvenience, though. You know where you got what three people on this whole block that has three front driveways and the rest of us don’t. So you cut off everybody parking for three people. That ain’t cool,” he said.

Tuesday, the Evansville Police Department started giving out warnings to those who parked along the street. There are, currently, no signs prohibiting parking posted on the road.

“Instead, they go ahead and slap a citation on your vehicle,” said Busse.

“We’re parking here because it is the safest, most practical option. And I’m sure if anybody else lived on this street, they would do the exact same thing,” he added.

“You can see where they’ve been prying on top of the doors. And they trying to get into cars and the steel and radios or whatever they can find in the cars,” said Wolcott.

“It’s not a good vibe, walking to your car and feeling like you’ve got to grip your keys because you don’t know who’s out there,” said Busse.

There are also deep potholes in the alleyway. Some so deep that residents said they’ve caused damage to cars.

“There’s one more there. One there. It’s like every five to ten feet. There’s a big old crater in the alleyway, and it goes all the way down. That’s ridiculous,” said Wolcott.

Above all, Wolcott said not being able to park near his home poses an issue for his health. “On top of that, I got cancer,” he said.

“My neighbor has cancer, he shouldn’t have to carry his grandchild, his grand baby with bags from the store from the street, all the way to his house,” said Busse.

Busse said as taxpaying citizens, they deserve better, and that he’s tried addressing these issues with the city.

“I’ve never heard anything back. They’ve never done anything,” he said.

“Come fix the alley, man. So we can talk like ya’ll park at home so we can be comfortable. That’s all,” said Wolcott.

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