A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Dr. Fink on charges of obstruction and theft.

A press conference was held Friday by the Vanderburgh County Prosecutor and the Vanderburgh County Sheriff detailing what happened in Caleb Loving’s mistrial.

Court appointed psychologist, Dr. Fink, apparently had inaccuracies in his report.

Dr. Fink also was involved in a car accident. Authorities believe Dr. Fink intentionally left the road and hit a tree.

Prosecutor Nick Hermann says Fink admitted to falsifying his evaluation report. There are concerns about other cases he testified in too.

Dr. Fink has been called to testify in 70 cases here locally and hundreds of cases across the state.

Hermann says Dr. Fink broke the trust of the courts.

The case of Caleb Loving will still proceed.

Hermann says Fink’s actions call into question his character and involvement in other cases. According to Hermann, Fink testified in at least one murder case. Hermann doesn’t believe Fink testified in any capital cases.

Hermann believes many of the convictions in Fink’s 70 cases will stand, but he expects plenty of legal challenges.

Hermann acknowledges that Dr. Fink allegedly falsified reports and in many cases, he just flat out didn’t do them.