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Warrick Co. Egg Farm to be Nearly 1,500 Acres Larger than Previously Thought

Months after a heated meeting lasting over ten hours, and a contested ruling now undergoing an appeal, its safe to say the controversy over an egg farm coming to Warrick County is far from over.

       Especially when word gets out that farm will be about 3 times bigger than any one expected.

Months after the Warrick County Board of Zoning Appeals approved Prime Foods special use permit to build an egg farm, many thought the fight was over.

But the group “Warrick County Residents against Confined Egg Laying Farm,” or “Warrick Ruined” for short, still haven't come home to roost.

Susan Schmitt, a Warrick Count resident said,"we've got property owners that are already there, and to me, Warrick County is plenty big enough their should have been another location."

And when the very egg farm they were fighting against turned out to be more than three times bigger than they originally thought, they're not the only ones trying to figure out what came first.

Schmitt said, "its hard to believe they applied for 600 acres of special use permit, and now after that was passed then the BZA allows for a lot of opportunity to change what might be there."

Roughly 2,100 acres of opportunity to be exact, something Warrick County residents say they never saw coming.

Schmitt said, "I don't know if we have the full truth, I don't personally feel like everything's been on a transparent level, why is this just now coming after the fact?"

But Prime Foods said this seemingly surprise was already an egg waiting to hatch.

Ronald Bennett, Chief Operating Officer of Prime Foods said, "everything is the original purchase we did from the beginning, it just wasn't finalized yet."

Bennett said, "at the time we had to do the contract for the land, we were having to cover ourselves for different potential building sites, and they were spread out across all of that roughly 2,100 acres."

And according to Prime Foods, and the Warrick County BZA,  it doesn't matter if the egg or chicken came first-- as long as the one presented is the one falling under the special use category.

And in case you may be wondering whats coming to those extra 1,500 acres or so, Prime Foods says you can rest easy.

Bennett said, "its just buffer."

Land they don't plan building their actual egg laying facility on.

“Warrick Ruined” filed an appeal against the Board of Zoning Appeals before they knew of the extra land, something still ongoing. 

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