BOONVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Despite being in the middle of another heat wave, attendees still showed out in full force for the Warrick County Fair. The fair went on as normal, but some 4H members changed the way they prepared due to the high heat and humidity.

“She’s used to it,” says 4H member Daisy Titzer of her goat, Buttons. Titzer has been a 4H member for several years, and says the heat is just something she knows she has to deal with each year.

“She does really good, just come on in and I just give her some food and some water, and she’s set up for the week,” explains Titzer.

Another fellow 4H member, Franklin Fox, also says not many changes were needed in terms of preparing his goat for the heat.

“I mean, we do have fans up everywhere. And water,” says Fox.

While the changes and adjustments are minor for the livestock, those attending the fair, like Mark and Cheryl Grimm, made noticeable changes to their fair routine due to the heat and humidity.

“That’s why we came early this year,” explains Mark. “We came before 11am, and we’ll probably see the fair and leave before it gets too hot.”

The Grimm’s also say they try to park in a shaded area to keep the inside of their vehicle as cool as possible. They also say they hydrate at home before heading to the fairgrounds. Extra water is something Titzer says she has brought with her to help stay cool and hydrated.

“We always bring water bottles, we always have a fan on us,” says Titzer. “Dress in really light clothing, loose-fitted, so we’re not sweating, because we’re here all day every day.”

“Ice packs,” adds Fox. “Put them on your body, everything, yeah.”