LYNNVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Residents in the small town, close-knit community of Lynnville say their community is the last place they expected to see a police chase with an armed subject on the run in their area.

“Everybody was pretty terrified,” says Lynnville native Patti Clutter. “Because you know there is a criminal on the loose that’s armed, and so your mind is going a thousand miles per hour.”

Clutter has lived in Lynnville for 47 years and says she has never experienced anything like the police chase and ensuing search for 64 year old Michael White. White led police on a chase after originally being sought for an outstanding warrant in Warrick County.

Lynnville resident Brad Chapman lives just off of Clutter Road, and saw the pursuit pass his home firsthand.

“You live out in a rural area like this, you know everybody, you don’t expect that to happen here,” explains Chapman. “And to hear that, it puts a little fear in you. We made sure all the cars were locked, the camper was locked, doors were all locked last night and sometimes you don’t have to do that living out here.”

Clutter and Chapman say they felt a sense of normalcy after being given the all-clear by the Warrick County Sheriff’s Department, but were still on high alert following the incident. Chapman says he was watching his grandkids extra close while playing outdoors, and Clutter was keeping a close eye around her property as well.