HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) — The Warrick County Sheriff’s Office is reminding everyone that not everything you read on Facebook is true.

Sheriff Michael Wilder got on social media Wednesday afternoon to debunk a rumor that has been spreading online recently.

According to his post, the viral rumor accuses a woman of trying to abduct children in the Newburgh area. He says deputies have checked on her and that they don’t suspect she has committed any criminal acts.

“The Sheriff’s Office has received a few calls about this individual acting suspicious,” he says on Facebook. “We have checked this individual out each time and found that no crimes had been committed.”

Sheriff Wilder says there is no credible information that supports the child abducting claims that have been shared online.

The sheriff’s office encourages the public to report suspicious activity to law enforcement but not to spread misinformation through social media.