EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — An organization founded in June focuses to assist families around Warrick County which are making too much for government assistance, but not making enough to survive without a paycheck.

“I wouldn’t call myself rich by any means, but I get by and my bills get paid,” founder Cody Brummett said. “And some people out there struggle with finding the next meal they’re going to have. Seeing that, knowing what I had, I had to make the decision — I need to give back. I need to give back to my community.”

Brummett added he understands the thought process behind families saying “what am I going to do?”

Brummett made a couple posts on Facebook in June directed toward Warrick County residents.

The second family he contacted was a single mother from Boonville who was close to losing access to water.

The Give Back Campaign was able to make the call and pay what was owed.

“Finally hearing something like that — it was a sigh of relief,” said one of the recipients who only wanted to be identified as “Alexandrea.” “It was a big opportunity because I was scared that my water was going to shut off. And, you know, obviously to live in a house and to have your babies — you know — in a house, you need water, gas and electric.”

After receiving financial assistance from some businesses in Evansville, including the Subway and Busler locations on St. Joseph Avenue and the Buehler’s IGA on North First Avenue, Brummett is working toward helping one family a month.

That number could change depending on the amount of funding he has.

Meanwhile, Brummett has pledged $100 every month from his own paycheck as a Warrick County emergency services worker.

“If anybody would like to contribute something like that as well, if they can make that little bit of sacrifice — like I said, avoid Starbucks for a week and avoid a five-dollar cup of coffee for seven days — that’s almost fifty dollars that can be donated to the campaign,” Brummett said. “So definitely it would help out.”

One way Brummett is accepting donations is via his GoFundMe.

Learn more about the Give Back Campaign.

A t-shirt fundraising campaign has begun as well.