HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – According to a letter from Tecumseh High School, no students will be in attendance at Warrick County School Corporation (WCSC) campuses on April 8, 2024, due to the total solar eclipse.

The school notes there is concern from its public health partners that the area will be inundated with tourists since the school is near the solar eclipse line of totality. The timing of the eclipse itself will also cause potential issues with dismissal due to the eclipse ending and tourists blocking the roads in mass as they leave the area.

The school says instead, it will have an asynchronous virtual day, which means that a child’s teachers will post assignments in their Google Classroom. In the weeks ahead of the virtual day, Tecumseh says it will send additional solar eclipse information in regard to the many activities in the area that may be of interest to families. The letter says the school will also send guidance on the expectation for lessons that will be posted.

A spokesperson for the school says, “The important thing for now is that you have the information for planning purposes since your child will not physically be at school that day.”