NEWBURGH, Ind. (WEHT) — Construction began Monday on a roundabout where Vann Road meets Anderson Road near Castle High School.

The construction will close the Vann-Anderson intersection which many drivers visit for 60 days.

Some who live in a nearby neighborhood tell us the roundabout is needed despite the possibility of busy traffic when traveling to-and-from work, home and school.

As construction began Monday morning, cars were forced to turn around from the intersection throughout the morning and afternoon.

Don Schmidt has lived in Newburgh for for more than 30 years and resides near the intersection.

He likes the idea of a roundabout despite the changes he will have to make.

“You could easily stop, go on through, and the other traffic doesn’t,” Schmidt said. “And a lot of times they’re going fifty miles an hour or better. I’m all for it, even with the all the traffic delays. It’s a good thing.”

Some people in a neighborhood on Anderson hope a roundabout will help solve accidents near the intersection.

Some say they have seen more accidents than they can count.

One Warrick County parent tell us she is predicting the school system will have to reroute her children’s busses because of the road closures, and she has already noticed an increase in traffic traveling eastbound and westbound on Oak Grove Road which runs parallel to Vann.

“I think it’s definitely a much-need for that intersection right there, so I think if we just get through that kind of a long haul of the construction of it, then I think we’ll see the other side and see it was definitely a much need,” Warrick County parent and business owner Rondalyn Johnson.

Ultimately Johnson believes the roundabout will be good for the area despite any immediate issues.

The crews on scene say 60 calendar days to complete the project is routine, and they might be working on some Saturdays to have the roads open again as quickly as possible.