NEWBURGH, Ind. (WEHT) — Saturday marks the 2nd annual “Rockin’ Out The Ta Ta’s” benefiting the Susan G. Komen Foundation and “Military with PTSD” in Evansville.

Along with raffle ticket sales, 100 vehicles and bikes were registered on Saturday morning to ride throughout the area — including Elberfeld, Tennyson and Rockport.

All the proceeds will be distributed locally to both foundations.

“We find this very important,” organizer and Army veteran Joey McBride said. “We like to give back our time. That’s our way to give back to the community for what they’ve done for me over the years during my time in the military.”

Joey and Keri McBride have previously been involved in similar benefits while living in Florida.

They say they were hoping to start a similiar event in the tri-state, and they are hoping to raise $10,000, but we will no know the exact total raised until Sunday at the earliest.

The McBrides say the Susan G. Komen and Military with PTSD fundraisers will support those battling breast cancer, and it will also cover costs for individuals and families affected by PTSD wishing to attend concerts.

“We really hope that we can maybe double our profits from last year, and be able to give these organizations even more money,” Keri McBride said.

Kelly Givens says her husband faces PTSD after serving in the Air Force and says Military with PTSD has impacted her family.

“It’s just really great to see everyone all together because of all the different members of the military with PTSD that have used the services,” Givens said. “We are all kind of in the same section, so we understand we’re in the same boat. We have the same kinds of background.”

The McBrides say they wish to grow the attendance and the amount of donations every year.

They anticipate keeping the event on the last Saturday in September and to benefit an organization for veterans battling PTSD and an organization for people fighting breast cancer.

“I gave up my time and in order for me to pay that forward, I am putting on benefits like this in hoping to raise money for organizations,” Joey McBride said.