HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – The Warrick Humane Society is asking for help more than ever.

Officials state 91 animals are in their care at the shelter and in foster homes and adoptions have slowed to a trickle.

“We cannot keep going without adopters stepping up for these animals,” officials state. “Twice this year, we have made posts about owner surrenders. We are now well over 400 surrender requests just this year. It has to stop. We cannot take in any more animals. Our shelter is at max capacity, yet it never fails that every day we get at least one phone call or email where someone wants to surrender their animal. If it isn’t one of those routes, we have someone knocking at our door asking us to take their animal. We just can’t do it anymore.”

Warrick Humane Society is a no-kill shelter, so they don’t euthanize animals for space. Due to this, it has caused the lack of space.

“Every time we take in an owner surrender, that’s another spot taken away from an animal in a kill-shelter that has a time clock. This hurts not only our shelter but every facility we partner with, and it is draining our staff members.”

Officials are begging owners to not give up on their pets. Some tips and solutions to keeping their animal include training, doggy daycare, etc. They also want people to Adopt Don’t Shop.

“We have a shelter full of fantastic animals all waiting for their furever homes. Get involved and become a volunteer. Volunteers are a crucial part of keeping our shelter going each day. If you can’t adopt, fostering is an incredible way to help us with pregnant mommas, nursing babies or little ones that need more time before making their way inside our doors.”

Officials are also warning against disrespect towards staff.

“Our staff members work extremely hard day in and day out to make sure the animals in our shelter receive the best care possible. Yelling, using nasty language or getting upset that we will not take an animal off your hands does not change the fact we are completely full. Many of us have multiple fosters in our own homes just because we are out of space at the shelter. Realize this job is not easy and we are doing our best. Staff members are exhausted, mentally and emotionally drained and putting in long hours. Your kindness can go a long way in affecting our team.”

Donations are always encouraged to help the shelter’s daily operations, and starting on August 9 through August 13, adoptions will be 40% off to celebrate the shelter’s 40-year anniversary.