Warrick Recycling Leads to Election Loss


Monday marks the beginning of the end for two Republican commissioners in Warrick County.

For nearly a year, the curbside recycling program, and all the controversy that came with it, divided a three-member commission, while it seemingly united voters in last week’s primary election.

It seems now, it didn’t matter which way the commissioners sided – the people wanted change.

“Every decision you make affects real people,” Commission president, Don Williams says, “the first time I ever lost sleep was from decisions I’ve had to make.”

Williams spent four terms and 16 years on the board, and it seems he’s learned to laugh at himself along the way.

“I was a young guy when I came in, and a grandpa going out.”

Fellow Republican Rick Reid feels the recycling program cost them their seats in the election.

“Any time you lose you’re kind of bitter but you get over that quickly,” Reid says.

Reid was the only person on the commission and seven-member recycling district to vote against the program, while Williams supported it the whole way.

It seems voting for it or voting against it didn’t matter in this election.

The two Republican newcomers, Bob Johnson and Dan Saylor, will be on the November ticket, currently running unopposed.

Williams says he expects the Democratic party to slate candidates for each district for the November ballot.

Reid and Williams will finish their terms December 31.

“This county was going on before I got here, it’ll go on after I get here,” Williams adds

Then, Reid says, it’s back to normal.

“I think I’ve done the best I can on it.”

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