WATCH: EVSC spokesperson talks about back-to-school enthusiasm


EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — Eyewitness News is your Official Back-to-School station! Eyewitness News Daybreak anchor Jake Boswell speaks to EVSC Spokesperson Jason Woebkenberg about the preparations that the Vanderburgh County School Corporation has made to get ready for the first day of school.


Jake: A huge day around the tri-state with so many kids heading back to school for the first time since May. We’re continuing our back-to-school coverage right now. We want to head back out to the EVSC bus garage, where those buses are heading out to pick up students on the first day of school. We’re lucky enough right now to be joined by EVSC spokesperson Jason Woebkenberg. Jason, good morning. Thanks for being with us.

Jason: Jake – good morning.

Jake: So, Jason, are the school buses heading out here in the next few minutes or so? What’s the timing when most buses in the EVSC hit the road?

Jason: You know, really, it’s staggered. It depends on their routes and what the pick-up times are. This lot has been active for quite a bit, now, as buses are getting warmed up and they’re getting ready to hit the roads here in the next few minutes.

Jake: Jason, so much preparation goes into a day like this. What’s the mood like, when you finally get to this first day of school after everybody’s been preparing and having this date marked on their calendar for so long?

Jason: You know, you’re exactly right, and that is the key. That preparation. So many people have been working so hard. Just a real sense of enthusiasm and excitement. This is Day One of Day 180. You can just feel it in the air, whether you’re in a school, in a classroom, or actually out here on the bus lot. Lots of activity. We can’t wait to see those students first thing this morning.

Jake: Jason, for you, what’s going on with the EVSC today and this year that’s maybe new, or something that’s really exciting you’d like to highlight for people at home to know about?

Jason: Well, we’ve got so many great things going on. We continue, Jake, to work with our Socio-Emotional Learning and teaching the whole child, and a unique program we’re really excited about actually starts today. It’s our new RAMP program. It’s that partnership with AmeriQual where high school students can actually get their high school credits, and work, and earn money at the same time. They’re going to learn on-site at AmeriQual. It’s only the third in the nation of its type and the first in the state of Indiana. We are very excited to see the potential of how that’s going to impact lives of high school students who are involved.

Jake: Hey, Jason –- before I let you go, I want to ask you a personal question this morning. You’ve worked in education for a long time.

Jason: Sure.

Jake: Do you consider the first day of school kind of a holiday for you? I’d imagine you’d have to be really excited about today.

Jason: (chuckles) You know, it’s funny, Jake. For all of us who work in central office and administration, there’s so much work that goes on during the summer to build up to this day. And now, we’re finally here. So, it’s a real sense of excitement for all of us involved. And, of course, for those in the school – they really can’t wait to see the kids, first-thing.

Jake: No doubt about that, Jason. Thanks for taking some time out of your super-busy schedule today. We how busy a guy you are today to talk to us there from the bus garage.

Jason: No problem. Good to be with you, Jake.

Jake: All right. Thanks, Jason. That’s Jason Woebkenberg, EVSC spokeperson. A busy guy, today, along with just about everybody in that school corporation.

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(This story was originally published on August 7, 2019)

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