WATCH: Joe Bird Talks Live to Hercules Explosion Family Member

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LIVE: Joe Bird Speaks to the aunt of one of the victims of the Hercules Avenue explosion. 

Transcription of Interview

JB: Well Jake, they’re going to get Vectren back out here to try and figure out what could have happened as well. Fire investigators will be out once again just seeing if they can determine what exactly sparked that fire yesterday that caused the home explosion. Now we’ve been talking this morning about those involved in the fire and I’ve got Shelby with me now, she is actually part of the family and I know you’ve been checking in with the family, let’s go ahead and start with Michael, what’s your relation there?

SM: He’s my nephew.

JB: So Michael is your nephew, have you seen Michael?

SM: Yes

JB: So you just left the hospital, tell me is he responsive, what’s his condition?

SM: He’s critical, he’s still on life support, the next 48 hours is really crucial. And it could go either way, until he’s 48 hours he’s critical.

JB: Have you been able to talk to him? I’m sure he can’t respond, but is he responding to your voice?

SM: He has a little bit, he’ll move his foot. But like I said he’s so not there that you don’t know whether it’s a twitch or but I think he is actually talking, reacting. I’m hoping it is, I mean he’s bad.

JB: Medically sedated right now?

SM: Yes

JB: What about, let’s talk about Tara, what’s the latest with her?

SM: They’re all three the same, I mean she’s critical she’s in Indy she’s still in an induced coma. Jesse he did go into surgery, officials have stepped in to where it’s limited on what’s available about him anymore.

JB: And Jesse’s at Riley in Indianapolis?

SM: Yes:

JB: As you’re standing here, what is going through your mind?

SM: It’s numb, it’s a lot to take in, to happen on you, just sad, it’s hard.

JB: When things like this happen, when things of this nature happen in a community, the community tries to come together and help each other out. You may not even know, but what can the community do to help support, I’m sure medical bills are going to be really through the roof now?

SM: There’s forever going to be a long hard road ahead if they survive and pull out of it. Not just one but three, plus there’s going to be funerals for two ladies. It’s a lot that’s to come with the tragedy that’s occurred. I’d like to say to the community not to take an opinion about any of this, what the people are saying about the eviction, keep that out of this, that’s hard enough. It’s devastating, CPS they need to back out, I mean this is a hardship and for a little boy to be going through, he should be enjoying the summer, he shouldn’t be up there in a burn unit. If he does pull through, what’s going to be his appearance? Plus being taken from his mother, and Tara, she’s a loving mother, they love each other. If you see them together, just back off CPS. The press, screw the eviction, if you wanna do something pay the rent, get them a house. It’s just hard, you pull crap like that and it’s just so like cutting you again. Pull together be compassionate, here’s a tragedy here, like you said it’s a long hard road they’re going to need help in the community for people to pull together, I mean medical bills, the burns are so deep that if they pull through they don’t know the nerve damage, I don’t know it’s just hard.

JB: Well I know Shelby that you want to keep checking on the family so thanks for coming to me this morning and filling us in with the Tri-State and just asking for those prayers from everyone that’s watching this broadcast, just don’t stop praying. 

(This story originally published on June 28th, 2017)

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