Daviess Fiscal Court votes to remove Confederate monument


DAVIESS CO., Ky (WEHT)- After a fiscal court vote Thursday a controversial confederate statue will be moved from its current location at the corner of the Daviess County Courthouse lawn. demonstrators at the front steps of the courthouse where that vote took place. Some against the removal of the confederate statue. Others shouting for its removal and standing by Daviess County sheriff’s deputies closely watching the crowd.

Nancy Henry was one of the people holding signs in support of the statue’s removal, “that’s not something to commemorate or idolize. we can teach history without idolizing oppressors.”

Jack Gish, on the other side of that argument, “it’s history. I feel like there is such a movement right now to erase history.”

Daviess County commissioners say they received hundreds of calls and e-mails pleading for the statue’s removal. All of which contributed to their decision to give it a new home.
Gish says he’s disappointed,” just due national things going on, everybody’s jumping on the bandwagon when just a couple of years ago nobody really cared about it.”

With the vote comes a committee that will be made up of people from both sides of the argument, they’ll decide the future location of the monument, after that decision is agreed upon then it will be moved. The news of the vote is what those against the monument say is exactly what they asked for.

“I can only speak for myself. To me the Confederacy represents slavery, it represents racism, it represents oppression,” Antoine Smith-Rouse says.

But Gish says those offended need to educate themselves, “I get some people see it as a sign of racism, but you need to look deeper than that.”

The Daviess County Chief Deputy says officers would only intervene if things turned violent. That didn’t happen.

UPDATE: The Daviess County Fiscal Court has voted in favor of removing the Confederate monument from in front of Daviess County Courthouse.

Recent protests are restarting the debate over what to do with the confederate monuments in front of the Daviess County Courthouse. The Daviess County Fiscal Court is scheduled to vote on the statue this afternoon at 4:45 p.m.

A rally was held in front of the Courthouse in support of the Confederate monument ahead of the meeting. A petition to keep the statue was presented to Daviess County Judge Executive Al Mattingly this morning.

The resolution the fiscal court is expected to vote on does not say where the statue will go, but the monument will be returned to the Kentucky Division of the United Daughters of the Confederacy if the resolution passes.

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(This story was originally published on Aug. 4, 2020)

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