Commission to vote on removal of Confederate statue at KY Capitol


Ky. (WEHT) — Gov. Andy Beshear has asked the State Historic Properties Advisory Commission to meet and vote Friday about removing a statue of Jefferson Davis that is currently in the state capitol’s rotunda.

Beshear says he wants the removal to happen as quickly as possible. He expects the vote to go in favor of removing it, but says if the vote is no, he says he will do what he can to remove it.

 “It is long past due to remove a statue that some kids who come into this capitol, a capitol that’s supposed to be the people’s house and there for everybody, see as a symbol that they don’t matter,” Beshear said.

Beshear reported 69 new COVID-19 cases and 9 new deaths from the virus Thursday.

“There is a backlog in the federal system that we put our results into and, because of that, a significant number of results that would have come in today are going to come tomorrow,” said Gov. Beshear. “So our number today is really low but you should not read anything into that.”

Lieutenant Governor Jacqueline Coleman is scheduled to give a presentation on guidance for reopening schools in the fall on Monday.

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