WATCH: See Evansville from the sky in a B-17 bomber


EVANSVILLE – The Evansville Wartime Museum is hosting some WWII aircrafts for people to come get a close look at, and for a price some can actually take flight. The event will run through Sunday afternoon.

Other visiting historic aircraft will include the popular SNJ / T6 Texan advanced trainer in which thousands of airmen learned to fly for combat, as well as the twin engine Navy JRB transport Little Raider in which the whole family can fly together. The home-town favorite P-47 Thunderbolt Hoosier Spirit II and a Stearman will be on display. 

The public can get a tour of the different historic aircraft or witness these planes in motion by taking a flight. There are limited flights available on the warbirds. Seats on the T6 are $380, $495 for the B17 and $100 for the Twin Beech.

Ground tours will be conducted from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 8-11, excluding flying times.

Admission to the event is $20 per person. This includes full admission to the museum and on-board tours of the visiting warbirds.  Passengers purchasing flights will also need to pay admission into the museum.

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